I haven’t written the Just a Geezer Blog for some time. Why?

I could try to come up with a good excuse. It’s true that I have been helping my daughter get a rental house fixed up for sale. I have also been trying to help her get a variety of jobs done at her own house. Then toss in the fact that I had to oversee replacing a furnace boiler (see photo of the Rube-Goldberg of all furnaces) and an indirect water heater at my house and yes I have been busy. Throw in having the grandkids most of the summer and antics like swimming lessons, trampoline excursions (boy! $45 for three kids), and “Breakfast with G-Pa (Nani’s [wife’s] idea) at culinary egg-stravaganzas such as Denny’s, Ihop, and Shari’s and the summer was constantly busy. But truthfully, I don’t really think these are the reasons I have not shown up to write my blog for such a rather long time.

This is my new boiler furnace. State of the art where there are only 500 parts that can malfunction.

The truth seems to somehow be connected to me turning 70 years old this year.

I suddenly realize I no longer have unlimited time to do the things I want to do before I, well, before I check out. I know that there never has been any guarantee on how long I would live, but now, more than ever, I realize time is limited.

It is this thought that has frozen me in time. It is not that I want to live forever, but just that I truly want to spend my time in the most worthwhile, satisfying, significant way. And for the last few months, I have tried to figure out what it is that I should be doing.

Should it be:

• Spend every waking hour with my family whom I hold so dearly and truly love (as if any of us could stand that for 24 hours a day).
• Go to church several times each day and pray for a successful touchdown in heaven (in order to make up for an ungodly number of missed Sundays).
• Take off on a trip to see every place I have ever thought would be worth seeing (which would mean having to leave home for more than a day which I hate).
• Volunteer to help everyone in the world (tried this, didn’t work for them or me).
• Spend every extra dime I have on exorbitant luxury (what can you buy for $50 these days?).
• Eat at the best restaurant in each of the 50 states (and cut a few years off my already dwindling lifespan).
• Purchase a full-page ad in the New York Times to tell the world exactly what I think about Trump.

None of these ideas seems to be the answer I am seeking. I simply do not know what the best way to spend the rest of my life should be.

But the one thing I do know is that doing nothing is the worst possible thing I can do. So now all I can do is try to move forward. Like every time I have been stalled in my life before, just push-off into the current and see what happens.

So one of the things I hope to do is to start writing my blog again. I have to admit it is not so much for you readers and friends as it is for myself. Writing is a type of therapy for me and often brings me insights into what the hell I should do next.

Me at 70. Good thing the photographer (me) caught me smiling.

So my blog will start up again and while I try to answer my own questions about my life, I hope at the same time it may help you answer questions of your own—or at least get you thinking about “What’s next?” I hope to write a bit more on life and death, truths and lies, and the difference between bullshit and horse shit (all stuff that takes a lot of brain power I may not really have), but also on just how to enjoy each day as much as possible. Do I discuss how I am going to deal with failing mobility five years from now or do I just tell you about a great book or movie I have just watched?–probably some of both.

Find me another resource on the Internet that is talking about life as a senior (other than ones telling us why we are up shit creek financially if we live too long or contain only superficial, feel-good stuff) and I’ll gladly leave it to them to address our concerns. Until, then, I’ll give it a shot.

It would be easier to do this if you would tell me what you think and how you make things work in your own life–especially the things that you just find enjoyable. You have not done much of this in the past, but why not do it now? Write some comments or ask to write a post yourself. Also work to get others to join in and make this blog something that will spur all of us to live the life we have left in the most joyous way possible.

Write or Wrong
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2 thoughts on “Write or Wrong

  • September 1, 2018 at 10:33

    This is Ben, Bill’s nephew. Both Bill and my Mom died at 68. I’m turning 42 having the same questions about life you write about. I saw this come through about questioned if I should unsubscribe now that Bill and my Mom are gone. If this is you theme, I’ll keep reading…

    Thanks, Geezer.


    • September 1, 2018 at 10:33

      Ben–Good to hear from you. Young people like yourself are only Geezers
      in training so I hope you stay with us. I don’t have answers only
      observations, but the more we share the easier it is for all of us—-we
      all face the similar difficulties, hopes, and aspirations. Dave


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