Noah’s ark floated off on torrential rain,
until only the water and sky remained.
and after waiting 40 days for the floods to slow,
no sand, no pebbles, and no boulders showed.

As Noah floated aimlessly in an endless sea,
he needed to search for the first land or tree.
He knew what he needed as the water went out,
was a dedicated and reliable scout.

He had no fish and walkers were no good,
but he knew he had to find stone and wood.
So he chose a creature who flew above the water,
one that flew high and would be his spotter.

To carry out this important mission,
he needed a beast in prime condition,
one who could fly for many miles,
could survive unknown and dangerous trials.

So he chose the bird to find them haven,
by looking no further than a big, black raven.
This creature was smart and most bold,
could endure heat and suffer the cold.

So the ebony bird took flight,
flying through both day and night.
Distracted by carcasses floating ripe and pungent,
but always knew his goal was urgent.

Noah watched the raven fly back and forth,
then south and north,
but the bird couldn’t find land,
and ignored Noah when he held out his hand.

Soon the raven was gone,
unable to push on,
willing to die,
if it couldn’t continue to fly.

So Noah released a dove into the heaven,
And though not muscular and strong as raven,
it returned to the Ark at the end of each day,
and as the water receded brought back an olive bouquet.

The frail dove had succeeded where the raven failed.
Its quite strength and purity had prevailed.
This signaled to Noah that it was time to land,
and release all the animals as was God’s command.

From that day the ignorant called the raven tainted,
saying he represented illness, death and should never be sainted.
He became the ghost of the murdered,
and was called an evil deserter.

But Noah did not find the raven contemptible,
of the animals he was the most dependable.
Willing to be a sacrificial lamb,
committed to God just like Abraham.

Who knows what disaster awaited the bird,
in a world where a total catastrophe had just occurred.
But watch him today as he flies through the trees,
as he’s still searching as he rides on the breeze.

Noah and the Raven
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