In my lifetime, I have always enjoyed a drink or two at the end of the day. I don’t do it to get comatose, paralyzed, or even to forget. I just enjoy a drink that relaxes me so that I can look at the day (regardless of what kind of day it was) in the most positive way. I expect more than a few of you buy viagra on line australia popular reflective essay editor service for university buy tamoxifen citrate online is generic crestor cheaper than name brand flagyl tongue levitra cokedale source link dissertation philosophie terminale s corrig follow link essay on job satisfaction and motivation does walmart sell viagra as law precedent essays essay about frederick banting buy poetry essay brand cialis lilly viagra in the rectum creative writing university of nebraska omaha media influencing youths essays oxbridge essays guardian creative writing dystopian custom essay meister reaccion del sildenafil en las mujeres referencing plays in essays go here GEEZERS still enjoy a beverage or two so I thought I would just talk a bit on what (after years of pleasant experimenting) I now drink in my golden years.

At one time my preferred drink was an Old Fashioned (whiskey), a Whiskey Sour (whiskey), a Margarita (tequila), or a Daiquiri (rum). I guess the one thing they all have in common is that they are sweet and/or fruity. I must like sweet and/or fruity.

I might have continued with this drink menu, but the trouble with these drinks is they all involve mixing several ingredients together. Now days, I equate that to work and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is more work (it might cut into my pre-dinner nap). Making these drinks also depends on your having all the ingredients available and somehow that just never happens.

I also never minded a beer once in a while, but today I just find most beer to be too acidic or too weird for me.  Beer after beer proudly proclaim they taste like nuts, berries, coffee, pineapple, pears, or prunes. but when you swill one down, they don’t really taste like any of these food items. Instead most beers have an unrecognizable taste that leads to an aftertaste similar to rotten fruit or worse.

There used to be two types of beer— dark and not dark. Now there are hundreds of different types of custom brewed or craft beers, but be it citrus, chocolate, or peanut butter that is the secret ingredient, they are all dreadful. Seems like more care is taken in choosing a fancy, macho name for the label than in brewing the beer. Beers are now named Roaring Moose, Jumping Trout, Forest Fire Blaze, and Studded Tire. More truthful would be if they were called Road Kill Moose, Laid-Out-In-The-Sun-For-A-Week Trout, Smoke Filled Room, and Flat Tire.

Now wine—let’s just say I don’t understand wine at all. It is just like beer in that the bottlers may offer an explanation of how a wine tastes—brawny, chewy, flinty, toasty or—but in the end most of it is just as terrible tasting as beer. And labels, again like beer, usually have nothing to do with the product. They are just named to invoke an image they want you to visualize so that you will pick up their bottle. Here the names are geared more towards the female and so they choose to label their bottles Whispering Pines, River that Flows, Glorious Sunset, and Pink Lace. None of these have anything to do with what the liquid is on the inside.

Everything I figured I need to know about wine, I learned when I was in the Navy when I was stationed in Monterey, California. At the time, my wife worked in the office for several doctors. Every year the richest doctor always had all the employees and their spouses over to his house for a Christmas party. He would pull out a bunch of different wines for his cellar and invite everyone to taste each one.

The host always started out with the cheapest wine (at $50 a bottle 40 years ago it was not really cheap wine). Then he would move on one bottle at a time with each wine being more expensive. I remember that the cost of the last bottle was $500. Thing is (at least for me) I found the wine tasted worse and worse as we moved up to the top tier bottle of wine. The most expensive wine was undrinkable. Since my Navy days, my opinion of wine is that it is all hit and miss (and mostly miss).  If I do come across a wine I like, it will have disappeared for the shelves when I look for it again.

So, as an old GEEZER, what do I now drink at the end of the day. Well it is probably the most odd list anyone ever made up. If you took one drink of each of these in the same evening, I don’t think you would be around for the following evening.

The list includes:

• Disaronno an Italian liquor. The distillers say it is an amaretto-flavored liqueur with the taste of almonds. I have no idea what amaretto tastes like (or even what they are) and I find no almond flavor whatsoever. To me it is a spicy liquor to be drank straight, over ice. One highball glass (or in my case a shinny, Yeti Cup) does it for the night.

• Fireball Cinnamon Whisky which is whisky infused with cinnamon (kinda says that in the name). It is a hot bolt that wakes up your pallet and even gets the attention of your GEEZER brain. Sip it from a shot glass and know that a highball glass of this stuff would drop you to your knees and immediately stop your heart.

• Smirnoff Vodka mixed with Simply Juice. I like to mix it with Raspberry Lemonade, Limeade, or Orange.

• Henry’s Hard Soda is a carbonated drink in a beer-like bottle. It comes in different flavors including orange, cherry cola, and grape. I especially like the ginger ale. Just like the sodas you drank as a kid except they are injected with lots of alcohol—sweet and tasty.

• Alaska Amber is my favorite beer and I truly hope it is made in Alaska and not South Dakota. The brewers say it is an “alt” beer and that means it is fermented slowly so that produces a beer that is balanced and smooth. All I know is that it seems to be the beer that makes me happiest on a hot day.

• Baileys Irish Crème is a bit of a desert drink that I like after (or before) dinner. It is Irish whiskey and a cream liqueur and that is loaded with alcohol. Sweet and chocolaty—what could be better?

• Sangria Wine is a fruity Spanish wine. I mostly drink wine with Mexican food and so this is the perfect wine for me.

• Kahlua is a liqueur that I occasionally mix in my coffee. Just a nice change of pace in the late PM (especially in the winter) between the after-lunch nap and the pre-dinner nap. An ad for this liqueur states it “offers enticing scents of bittersweet coffee bean and roasted chestnut and multilayered flavors of black coffee and sweet butter.” That sounds great but it really just improves the taste of your coffee.

I doubt that this anyone would find it to be a list of a true connoisseur of liquor. I would have preferred that my list of adult beverages would bring up the image of a macho, hard-drinking Earnest Hemingway, but I am afraid it is more likely to remind you of Pinky Lee or Soupy Sales (both of whom I sure you GEEZERS remember from when you were a kid).

But regardless of you preference, chose your poison and here’s to you!


Have a Drink with Me

4 thoughts on “Have a Drink with Me

  • August 7, 2017 at 10:33

    I have been motivated to go pour a drink (notice I didn’t say mix a drink).

    • August 8, 2017 at 10:33

      I have always been a world-class motivator.

  • August 7, 2017 at 10:33

    I like an evening drink too. If I’m out to Mexican, I love a good frozen margarita. Otherwise I do like red wine and this indo at home too. Oddly enough I occasionally like a dirty martini because I love the bitey flavor of green olives. As for beer…I rarely drink it as it makes me feel so full. But when I do , I like a really dark beer that tastes like chocolate or coffee. Overall I guess it’s red wine for me.

    • August 7, 2017 at 10:33

      Taste is a funny thing. Something the grandkids suddenly love to eat will go untouched a week later.


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