I haven’t mentioned my 2015 list of Challenges recently, because it is taking me so long to sneak up on them. But I have conquered another one with the publication of two editorials in the local newspaper. I’ll show them to you, but first a comment on why I felt this was something I needed to do.

In the past, I have written editorials that appeared in other newspapers but thing was they were all very, very nice. Letters to thank someone for incredible service, remembrance of people who died after living outstanding lives, or thanks to teachers, coaches or others who served my community.

But recent developments in the political arena have stirred me up and left me wanting to so something—anything—about it. So I decided to try and make my difference by getting a disenchanted, constituent letter published in the paper. The letters I wrote were published, but guess what, the next day the sun rose in the exact same spot.

The fact was no one held a parade for me, nominated me for person of the year, or erected a statue in my honor. But I guess that even with zero accolades, having your opinion published in the paper is still worthwhile because it lets you feel like you at least stood up and did something to protest or defend your thoughts. You write a letter to the editor for that one reason—to make yourself feel better (and the hope that millions of other people will do the same).

Here’s the first letter:

April 23, 20017
The Spokesman-Review

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To all those who think all Trump needs is a chance, consider: Trump could well be guilty of treason and/or criminal acts. He’s a known liar. He knows nothing about governing and what’s worse, he doesn’t care to learn. He’s incompetent, reckless, arrogant, self-serving and, even worse, purposely deceitful. There is nothing about this man who people should admire or want to emulate. He is a serious threat and a detriment to us, our children, and our grandchildren. Anyone paying attention knows this isn’t conjecture, it’s fact.

Encourage Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Congresswomen, 5th District, House Republican Conference Chair), to show wisdom, a bit of spine, and a desire to make this a better country. She must start working to prevent and eliminate Trump’s careless actions and send him, his family and his cronies out the door. She needs to show she has the best interests of the people who voted for her and then maybe she can go back to holding town meetings out in the open.

She might find the boos aren’t so much for her as they are for Trump. Cathy needs to remember her legacy will not be determined by the Republicans Party, but by her constituents.

David Clark


Here is the second letter:

May 19, 2017
The Spokesman-Review

Stand Up for People

In the past, I have not agreed with everything my representatives have done, but I have always believed most of them have truly been working to make this a better country. Now, after the slew of recommendations, executive orders, or legislation the party in power has implemented to weakened environmental protection, our education system, and individual freedoms, I no longer feel this way.

In their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans have proven their only real interest is to prove they could overturn Obama’s signature piece of legislation, save millions for their rich supporters, and further support tax cuts for the 1 percent. It was purely a self-serving vendetta with absolutely no indication our representatives were concerned with actually providing needed health care to the American people.

Since Trump is incompetent as a leader, our only hope is McMorris Rodgers and others in Congress will stand up for their constituents. So far this session, she has only been interested taking egocentric steps to further her career and walking lockstep with her party. She needs to quite worrying about photobombing every news photo of Paul Ryan or Trump and work on legislation that is actually beneficial to those she is supposed to represent.

David Clark


Now I know that by posting this in my blog I will have irritated a few readers, but I want them to know that I respect their right to hold whatever opinions they may have. I also respect my right to wonder “What the hell are you thinking.”

Note: It’s very ironic that on the front page of the newspaper section that published my editorial accusing McMorris Rodgers of constantly trying to be in any photo taken of Ryan or Trump was an article about Rodgers with her photo—yea, there she is with Ryan (they must not have had a photo of her by herself).

Challenges: Get a Letter to the Editor Published
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