Did you vote for him?
The garden slug.
Head gastropod.
A body with no backbone.
No need for one.
After covering the floor of the Senate with slime,
he just slips and slides up to the podium.

Or did you vote for the cockroach.
The perfect candidate.
Comes with a slick outer skin
that allows the needs of the voters to drop away,
while in the dark recesses of the House,
he panders to the good ol’ rich boys.

Or was it the worm.
A political bum,
oozing a mucus that lubricates his way
through the manure of Congress.
Always burrowing through the earth
while leaving a trail of feces
and broken promises.

None of these candidates appeal to you now?
Don’t despair.
Just look around.
Surely there is an insect out there somewhere
that crawls lower, slithers slower, and constantly spews bullshit.
A maggot or leach
that says he wants to representative every one of us
and make America “Great Again”.


Note: When my wife reviewed this,  she had just one word, “gross.” Well, in my mind, that is the perfect word to describe our current representatives. Today both Republicans and Democrats fit the definition of “gross”—-disgusting, offensive, rank, flagrant, obscene, and vulgar.

My blog is not really political in nature, but I believe the biggest single threat to GEEZERS is the upcoming administration is our current bunch of legislators. Social Security, health care, tax relief, the earth’s environment, and your grandchildren’s life in the future are all at risk because of this self-serving bunch of assholes. It needs to be talked about it and we need to do whatever we can to rid ourselves of these insects.

Another Politician Just Crawled In
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