As the hot star rose in the east,
I left my padded platform
and layers of warm textiles,
and headed for the room of body cleaning equipment.

There I rubbed antibacterial suds on my body,
put a fluoride-laced concoction on my teeth,
scraped my facial skin with sharp metal,
and arranged my hair with a multi-bristled sweeper.

I then dressed myself by putting empty tubular material
of different colors and designs
over my legs, chest, arms and feet.
I shoved my covered feet into leather cylinders
and secured the cords on top.

I then went into the room where food is
heated, cooled, chopped and mixed.
I opened a cardboard container of roasted, mashed, and fragmented grains,
poured the concoction into a ceramic vessel,
doused my copious kernels with a dram of artificial fructose,
and added a splash of white liquid from a female bovine’s udder.

I then went to the wooden plank on legs and
grabbed a variety of metal device opening apparatues,
my small container of personal identification verifiers,
plastic money tranferers,
and legal-tender notes.
I also picked up my set of optical enhancers
and voice broadcaster.

Finally, I went through the wood panel with hinges,
headed for my personal body mover,
turned on my electronic noise maker,
and drove off down the asphalt pathway.


A beautiful set of red bracts orbiting a single foci
A beautiful set of red bracts orbiting a single foci
A Rose by Any Other Name

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