A few days ago, I watched the Republican candidates debate (I missed the looser candidate debate because I never saw the announcement that it was being televised) and I’ll keep my observations simple. What I saw and heard was nine disappointing candidates and one disgusting candidate.


When Trump said that as a billionaire he had a right to expect special treatment from the politicians he contributed to, I thought I would puke. And when the other candidates just stood there and smiled, I did puke.

Yesterday morning I watched Bernie Sanders talk on Face the Nation and I saw a man who spoke with his mind and his heart. His laundry list of what he wants to accomplish if elected President, matches my laundry list down to the last period. I don’t know when he put his list together, but mine was done a long time ago.

On that same show when asked about the complaint Hillary has misused her email accounts, he had every chance to join in the criticism. But he responded he thought the accusations were untrue and sexist in nature and even though they disagreed on a number of issues, he had always admired and respected her. As my dad would have said, that Bernie was very much “a scholar and a gentleman” (try to apply that description to any Republican candidate).

Now I haven’t been on Facebook long and am certainly skeptical of getting my news from the social network, but I have found that you get a pretty good read on how people feel about what’s going on in America. The people on my Facebook are my friends who I think come from all walks of life and have a lot of different opinions, people who are their friends who appear on my pages because they are friends of friends, and then a whole lot of people I don’t know and don’t know how they got on to my Facebook pages (you’ll never understand Facebook until you try it). Now some of these people I have had to get rid of (de-friend) because they are too radical, too boring, or too stupid, but what amazes me that on the topic of what’s happening in this nation the remaining folks almost all have very similar feelings. My read is that nearly everyone on my Facebook is pretty fed up with what is going on in this country and feel cheated with the candidates they have been given to choose from.

On Facebook, every Republican politician is getting pretty well dished (that’s putting it nicely) and the stances this party takes on critical issues are routinely mocked. What seems to irritate people most is what the Republicans fail to talk about at all—issues like women’s rights, obscene campaign contributions by the filthy rich, the astronomical cost of education, equal treatment under the law, Iran, health care, and the huge disparity between those making dollars and those making millions of dollars—gee, every one of these is on that laundry list of Bernie and I have.

And Hillary—Hillary gets a walk. Would you open your mouth while your competition is eating their young alive? The only way we get her to take a position will be if Bernie can gain some serious ground which all the experts tell us is impossible.

So, once again, I have nothing against Republicans (although this is getting harder to say with every passing day) and nothing against Democrats, but come on people, we’re starting the process of picking the most important President we will ever have—-and these are the candidates we have to select from? Are we going to just let this happen?

So until a Republican candidate shows up with half a brain (and not the half removed by Dr. Ben Carson) and Hillary starts talking, all I’m left with is a candidate who is apparently unelectable. Come on Bernie, let’s go have a drink and figure this out.

In honor of the bucket load of rotting fish we have been given to consider for President of our United States, I offer a few poetic (or near poetic) thoughts. If it seems like I was in a bad mood when I wrote these poems, it’s probably because I was. 



Sorry, but
we’re out of balance,
we’re out of whack,
we’re out of order,
we’re America.

Our government is broken.
It works fine when tempered
with honesty, integrity, and common sense.
But try running it on
greed, cunning, and opportunism and
the world’s shinning light will go out.

But there’s hope.
Replace political correctness and spin,
with logic and truthfulness.
Replace payoffs and bribes,
with expectations and accountability.
Replace the self-serving with the compassionate.
Better yet,
just replace the politicians with “Americans”.


I Pledge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to
the well-off,
the well-heeled,
the well-to-do,
and to the corporate empires,
for which they rule.
One nation,
bought and paid for,
with liberty and justice,
for the affluent few.


Nuff Said

Let’s declare tomorrow
National Send a Bag of Shit to Congress Day.
Nuff said.

Pet Peeve: Politics as Usual (or worse)
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One thought on “Pet Peeve: Politics as Usual (or worse)

  • August 11, 2015 at 10:33

    I wrote a long comment on this article and by the time I was finished it wouldn’t load. I got a message that it had timed out.

    The jest of what I had to say is that even after the “Donald” made such a fool out of himself and this entire Nation with his comments and attitude, most of which was applauded by the audience he actually got a bump of 1 % in the poll of Republican primary voters.

    I have a bumper sticker on my car for “Bernie”. I don’t think he can win a National election, but I do think that we are ready of a genuine Democratic revolution in the politics in this country and everyone who agrees with the arguments that are presented by Bernie Sanders needs to do everything that we can to work on getting a Democratic president elected and also to win back both houses of congress. “Viva la Revolution!”


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