Everyone is going to die,
the only question is how.
At one time,
I thought I might:

Die of loneliness,
but then I met the love of my life.

Die of boredom,
but then I won a trip to Vegas.

Die of embarrassment,
but then I pulled my pants up.

Die of fright,
but then I ran out of the theater.

Death by Gut-Busting - Film Nutbag

Die of a broken heart,
but then my lost dog came home.

Die of curiosity,
but then they opened a book store next door.

Die of anxiety,
but then the cancer disappeared.

Die of shame,
but then I was found innocent.

So now all I’m left with is
dying of laughter.
Probably not the worst way to go—
right at the end of a gut-busting joke.

Death by Gut-busting
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