I see him.
What’s with the ball cap on backwards,
the low slung pants,
hiding in that sweatshirt.

I see him.
Old fart.
Shirt buttoned up to the top,
belt missing a loop,
white socks with sandals.

I hate
his loudness,
his silliness,
his attitude.

He’s wack with
his grumpiness,
his slowness,
his attitude.

Look at that sleazy tattoo,
that long greasy hair
that “Don’t ask me, I’m stoned” jacket.

look at that scraggly beard,
that wrinkled face,
that stupid “I’d rater be fishing” t-shirt.

he’ll never amount to anything.
He’ll end up in jail,
a drain to society.

he never amounted to anything.
He’ll end up in a hospital,
a drain to society.

I see him, but did I really look?

I see him, but really, I didn’t look.


I See Him

One thought on “I See Him

  • May 23, 2015 at 10:33

    Power on Dave. I like it.


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