At the end of January, I had surgery to replace my right knee with some contraption made of titanium and plastic. I hadn’t planned on leaving my blog unattended for so long, but long story short, I was just too miserable to write anything people would want to read.

Nothing went wrong with the surgery, it was just that I wasn’t one of those people who dance across the parking lot as they leave the hospital and are totally back to normal in a month. I was one of those who had swelling, pain, and a bad attitude.

I have nothing but good things to say about the people who handled my physical therapy, but in general their being successful is based on their ability to get my knee to bend and straighten as much as possible, as soon as possible. On my end, bending and straightening were just about one thing—pain.


This was me when I great knees and was just learning to be a flashy dresser.
This was me when I had great knees and was just learning to be a flashy dresser.    

To compound my problems, I was told to use a web strap when I was doing PT on my own to help pull the leg back as far as possible. I pulled hard in order to get things improving quickly and apparently pulled hard enough to give myself carpal tunnel syndrome which pinches the main nerve to the fingers and results in numbness and a weird, annoying tingling sensation—and it gets worse if you try to use a keyboard.

Surgery was necessary to cut the ligament that was keeping the nerve compressed.  That surgery was done a week ago and so far my right hand is a little better and I can now type using my left hand and the good two fingers on my right hand. I’m told it may take a long time to completely recover.

Any way you look at it (unless you consider watching 700 movies on Netflix and every basketball game played during March Madness [little old Gonzaga went to the Elite Eight–hoorah!]) I lost two months of my life. I should have worked on accomplishing some of the Challenges I set for myself in 2015, but I was too consumed by self-pity and being the best lump of quivering flesh I could be.

I do need to thank my wife Lorraine for putting up with all my “Can’t do that, I only have one leg.” And “Can’t do that, I only have one hand.” Without her, I would have just laid on the bathroom floor and wept for the last two months. But I’m back now and hope I will slowly find my way to blog greatness once again.  Thanks for staying with me.

Time to Get the Train Back on the Track

2 thoughts on “Time to Get the Train Back on the Track

  • April 8, 2015 at 10:33

    That’s “Saint Lorraine” to you buster!

    • April 8, 2015 at 10:33

      Saint Lorraine is right! Remember, you’re still in the ‘one day at a time’ mode. Your photo made me think of Nolan Ramacher ~ he too has too take his own time-out and cry-it-out in his own room. And Lorraine needs to keep watching ‘Shake it Off!” – Marny, laters.


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