I used to hike
on paths of dirt, mud, snow.
Striding over rocks
and slipping on ice.

Now I walk on concrete,
or maybe asphalt
with cracks and curbs
and potholes filled with water.

In the forest I watched
for deer, ravens, eagles,
smelled the wildflowers and
drank from frigid streams.

Today I see rushing autos
spewing fumes of poison,
that choke all living things,
and kill the silence
with a constant roar.

At one time, my heart soared
when I crested a ridgetop,
looked to the horizon,
saw the promise of endless wilderness.

Now, there are no ridgetops,
no horizons, no wilderness.
All replaced by McDonalds and Walmarts,
standing like headstones
marking the demise of all thing wild.


I Used to Hike

One thought on “I Used to Hike

  • January 17, 2015 at 10:33

    Well that’s sad, but I know it’s true. I still hike, but not so far, not so high, not so often.

    Lovely photo. I think I know that place.


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