There’s nothing I can do.
I vote against them but they get re-elected.
An incumbent could murder his mother
and still not be rejected.

I could go out and raise money
and buy my candidate advertising.
But then his opponent just asks the corporations
to fund enough for public mesmerizing.

I write letters to the editor,
but people who read the news,
are far fewer in number
than those who have no clues.

I could go door-to-door
to tell people what my candidate stands for.
But they don’t trust strangers
and don’t want a brochure.

I could run myself,
be a newcomer looking to upset.
But with odds of 20 to 1
I wouldn’t be much of a threat.

I could raise my voice, march, and demonstrate.
I could rant and wail.
But the powers-that-be would bring in police,
call what I do a riot,
and send me to jail.

So I guess I just do what everyone does,
bitch, moan, and whine,
and like after every election,
just kowtow to the party line.

After-the-work in seniors, boomers, geezers

DAve Clark @Just a Geezer—A Blog about Geezers,
Boomers, Seniors, Activities and Life after Retirement

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