• Changing the oil in your car in your driveway.
  • Talking to a telephone operator in order to make your phone call.
  • You walked to the TV to change the channel.
  • You made coffee in a perculator.
  • You bought tires that were retreads.
  • You waved (not a finger salute) at people you passed while driving.
  • School teachers wore dresses.
  • You only wore a baseball cap when you were playing baseball.
  • None of you t-shirts had artwork on them.
  • You told the attendant “Put in 3 dollars worth” at the gas station.
  • Interest on savings accounts was 5 percent.
  • You paid cash for nearly everything.
  • There were a Dairy Queen, an A&W, but no McDonalds in town.
  • You let your dog run free.
  • You used to say that things were “neat.”
  • A bell rang when the cash drawer of the register opened

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You Know You’re a Geezer When You Can Remember:
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