This is a movie where you expect one thing, but end up with something totally different. As a result, Rampage: Capital Punishment was a much better movie than I expected.

The movie begins with your run-of-the-mill psychopath (actor Brendon Fletcher) heading though town in his suit of body armor randomly shooting everyone he comes across. He soon arrives at a news station, however, takes a busload of hostages (including the news anchorman) down to the basement, and holds them while he makes his demands (that his manifesto be heard). Been there––seen that.

What at first seems to be a film of nothing but brutal violence and senseless killing, slowly becomes a movie with an important, well-defined, message. That message is a vicious, but eloquent, condemnation of the tyrannical rich and the politicians they control. The movies main character’s (he’s much too cruel to be called a hero) solution to the problem is simple; kill the privileged few who have slowly enslaved us.

This movie aggressively condemns our congressmen who it accuses of taking our system and bending, convoluting, and ignoring it until it has become something the founding fathers would never recognize. To me, the film’s crushing attack on career politicians who pander to big money interests perfectly addresses the issue of why our government has slowly become so totally dysfunctional. This movie pushes every button that needs to be pushed. Disguised as just another shoot-everything-that-moves movie, it is really a skillfully created wakeup call.

You can tell this is a great movie because you become so riveted by the story you forget you are even watching television. This movie offers an intense experience with just enough surprises to keep you off guard

Consider this film as a moment of introspection—nothing that makes you think is bad for you. I’ll leave you with just one caution—at the very end of the movie is one of the most unnerving, disturbing scenes I have ever seen on screen—it involves a ten-year-old girl and, just before they let you go, allows the filmmakers to suck the breath right out of you.

Movie Review: Rampage: Capital Punishment (Netflix)
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