If nothing changes,
in 10 years, we will be deemed foolish.
in 20 years, we will be thought stupid.
in 30 years, we will be branded as suicidal.

You can’t cover the earth with soot.
You can’t poison the water.
You can’t kill the flowers,
the trees, and the animals.
You can’t just flout the universe
and expect to go on living.

It all fits together.
Pull out a piece and everything starts to crumble.
Throw a rock at a mirror
and it shatters into a thousand pieces.
No man can put it back together again.

The only hope is our children are not us.
Not foolish.
Not stupid.
Not suicidal.
Not oblivious.
An improved species more deserving of a glorious world.

Lost River Range II





Hoping for a Glorious World

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