Congressman, I have something for your consideration.
First I need to know, did you vote for me?
Why, is that important?
If you voted for me, that would be a good start.

Election signs

Yes, but I didn’t need to vote for you to ask you to represent me.
Well, at least tell me,
how much you donated to my campaign?
We’ll I didn’t donate anything,

Does that make any difference?
Oh, most definitely,
I’m afraid it’s of the utmost importance.
That shouldn’t be the way it works?

You were elected to represent the people,
and I am the people.
But how can I represent you unless
I get elected and then reelected?

 I’m not worried about your reelection.
Not worried about my reelection!
I can’t serve you if I don’t get reelected.
Reelection is everything!

 When you figure out how this all works.
Please feel free to get back in touch with me.
After all, l serve at your discretion.

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