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The dump behind my house is
the history of his life.

On the bottom,
a pacifier chewed to a nub,
a stroller with no wheels,
a pile of dirty diapers,
a raggedy-ass teddy bear,
and a torn blue blanket
covered with playful puppies.

Above this,
a one-eyed Mr.Potato Head,
a hundred broken crayons,
shoes with missing laces,
a tire on a tattered rope,
and bandages spotted with blood

a baseball glove with no webbing.
a scratched Rubber Soul record,
several used rubbers,
empty cans of Coors,
and a discarded C- math test.

Just overhead,
a Timex watch with a shattered face,
a faded photograph of a father, mother, and children
kids artwork with coffee stains,
a brief case with a broken handle,
a past due bill from the electric company.

Followed by,
a shattered mirror.
crumbled divorce papers,
a crumbled foreclosure notice,
a crumbled resume
and an open bottle of Just for Men hair dye.

dozens of empty Marlboro packages,
an overdue bill from a psychologist,
a necktie with stains,
drained Old Crow bourbon bottles,
and a Bible with pages ripped out.

On the top,
bifocals with one lens,
old hearing aid batteries.
a cane with no tip,
a hospital ID bracelet cut in half,
a shell casing from a 38 special.

In the Dump Behind My House

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