The television series The Killing first aired in 2011 on AMC and Fox.Now in its fourth season, it is appearing on Netflix where every episode is available.

It could be dismissed as just another program with a detectives looking for a serial killer plot, but the main characters are developed so well and the show is so intense it is exceptional. It stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman (both of who I have never heard about before this show) who give great performances as detectives who live such a sad existence they welcome dealing with gruesome killings and death rather than the reality of their own lives.

The fact that this isn’t a show for everyone was brought home to me when I asked a friend if he and his wife had watched it.  His response was that they thought it was just too dark and disturbing and they had no desire to view shows that left them feeling bad.  I certainly understand how they feel and at times after watching this show, both my wife and myself did feel a bit drained and subdued (in fact, most of the time). But for us, the experience of an incredibly well written show that was filmed beautifully (perfectly) was too much to forgo.  The show could be, as they say “a kick in the gut,” but it was also “a jolt to the brain” which I need as often as possible these days.

This show is violent. It is filled with obscene language. It is dismal.  But it is also exposed the viewer to a new emotional experience, that for me at least, was welcomed for 42 episodes.

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TV Series Review: The Killing (AMC)
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