I first drank coffee in the Navy.
It was in the mess and on every ship.
All the lifers were addicts,
but it cost nothing
for a cup of strong, liquid mud.

As a young man I stopped
every morning at the dinner for a cup of Joe.
I drank it black and
watched truckers getting buzzed on it.
It was a quarter because a dime wasn’t much.
The brew was dark, hot, and it never tasted the same.


Then I went to work.
I had a career
where a caffeine infusion
was needed at every break.
It was 4-bits with free refills.
Go juice that was too weak or too potent.

Today, when I’m depressed, tired, or bored,
I drink a latte, mocha, or cappuccino.
I line up behind yuppies with puppies
to get a Grande, Venti, or Trenta.
it costs five dollars
and tastes—-like strong, liquid mud
(with a lot of sugar).


Coffee Please

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