I’ve done it all.
I’ve flown in jumbo jets, bi-planes, helicopters and the face of evil.
I’ve eaten octopus, gummy bears, toadstools, and my own words.
I’ve painted a beautiful watercolor, a house, my face, and myself into a corner.
I’ve smelled roses, rotten fish, dead bodies, and freedom.
Then I dusted myself off and done even more.

I’ve drove dune buggies, unicycles, three-wheeled motorcycles,
and my teachers crazy.
I’ve fallen off a mountain, out of a tree, down a well, and into song.
I’ve lost a wallet, a front tooth, and my cool.
I’ve met senators, television actors, catholic bishops, and my match.
Then I got up and did it over again.

I’ve smoked cigarettes, marijuana, and my tires.
I’ve fought bullies, lawyers, an ex-wife, and a cold.
I’ve tied my shoelaces, a hangman’s noose, fishing flies, and one on.
I’ve jumped over a fence, a ditch, a park bench, and to conclusions.
And all of it I did with a vengeance

I’ve broken a window, a femur, my nose, and my heart.
I’ve shot a pistol, a cannon, a bow and arrow, and myself in the foot.
I’ve been blinded by flash bulbs, searchlights, fireworks, and fame.
And lastly, I’ve swam in rivers, lakes, oceans, and my own filth.
I’ve done it all.
And I’d do it again.

Published in July, 2014 issue of Still Crazy

I’ve Done it All
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