To me the worst thing in the world is to be bored. In general I don’t get bored, but every once in a while find myself in a rut and need to break out. For the most part, all I need to do is just break my routine. Some activities turn out to be fun—some are pretty much disasters. But some of these adventures are so incredible, I start doing them all the time—until they get old.

Here’s a dozen examples of things you might try:

  • If you go to the same gym or health club all the time, try a new one. Most of them offer at least one free visit or even a free week.
  • Go to the movies during the week—no crowding and sometimes cheaper tickets. If your spouse doesn’t have the same taste as you, don’t be afraid to go alone (you’ll probably be the only one there anyway).
  • Look up and mix a new drink for “cocktail” hour—whiskey sours and old-fashioned are still great or go all out and make a martini. Look up the recipes for some of the newest drinks.
  • Get a class schedule from a community college or local university and find a class that you find interesting and take it. Generally there is a reduced fee for seniors or many will let you audit a class at no cost.
  • Get a bus schedule and just jump on the bus and let it take you away. Get off an on whenever you want, but use the schedule to make sure you can eventually get home. Take a phone in case you end up at the end of the line.
  • Try something at the gym you have never done before—take a class or go for a swim?
  • Look up and find a group you think you would enjoy attending. If you are really bored, pick a group that is really off the charts like “people who like to dress up as furry animals” or “pagan events.”
  • Go out on a Friday or Saturday morning and find a garage sale or two to go to. You’ll be amazed what you find for a nickel or less on the dollar—great lawn tools, toys for the grandkids, lots and lots of books.
  • Go to a sports bar and watch your favorite game on a gigantic tv.
  • Connect up with and watch something for free that you have never seen before.
  • Go to a casino and play poker, or 21, craps, or roulette—only take $100 or less with you.
  • Attend an event at a local university. Find their events calendar and you will find that most schools schedule speakers, writers, plays, concerts, and all kinds of different activities. Some performances are presented by student– others are given by well-known experts—all are usually free or less than $10.

More ideas later.

Things To Do: What To Do When You Are Bored
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