I’ve been writing for a number of years, but everything I have written has been non-fiction—just the facts and nothing but the facts. Eventually,  I became just a little sick of it.  Non-fiction writing takes a lot of work because everything has to be researched and you have to make sure that every fact, quote, and conclusion is absolutely correct.

I tried writing some fiction (stories), but although I found I didn’t have to have worry about everything being exact (in fact could make things up if I wanted to), it was still a lot of work.  Stories still needed to have introductions, conclusions, and a whole lot in the middle that is just as difficult to write as non-fiction. Then I stumbled onto poetry.

Since high school, I have always considered poetry to be gibberish, but decided to take another look at it anyway.  What I found was that indeed, 90% of what is called poetry today is still gibberish—just intellectual crap.  But some of the poems I found were amazing, in fact outstanding.

I’ll talk more later about what I consider good poetry, but for now I going to admit that I suddenly find writing poetry is stimulating, challenging and, best of all, fulfilling.  It’s not that writing poetry is easy (far from it), but at its best, it is not restricted by rules and allows unlimited choices for creativity.   With poetry there is only one rule;  you owe it to the reader not to waste their time.  I do this by striving to write “Poetry that makes sense.”

For now, all I’ll say is (as my dad used to say whenever someone accidentally made two words rhyme) I’m “a poet and didn’t know it, but my feet show it—they’re long fellows.”  I going to add poems to my post when I feel they will be the most effective way to say what I am saying.  And maybe most importantly to feel what I am feeling.  Let me know what you think.



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A Poet and Didn’t Know It
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